About Making the Art

Sometimes the bag is really heavy, because you don't just need paint - you need your water, snacks, extra clothes, bug stuff, a chair, a bike, binoculars, giant headphones, a laptop, a dog, whatever you happen to be carrying that day. 

Sometimes you make a big trip out to wherever you're going and there isn't enough time to paint before sunset. Or you can't get any painting done before the mosquitoes or fire ants find you. Or you're on your way to a place six states away and you can't really stop to spend two hours in one spot. Or you're with other people who are in a hurry to get something to eat. Or it's too windy. Or your dog keeps barking at whatever that sound is...

I'm grateful conditions have been favorable for me to paint a little scene now and then. With any luck, I will do one or two more some day soon.


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